How to: Progressive House by Nicky Romero

Progressive house is one of the most popular subgenres of house music, and for good reason. Its complex melodies, gradual build-ups, and atmospheric soundscapes create a truly immersive listening experience.

In this article, we’re going through the basics of progressive house production Nicky Romero style, from creating the signature sound to arranging your track. By the end of it, and after watching this tutorial, you’ll have the skills you need to start creating your own progressive house tracks.

Why Nicky Romero? Because he’s one of the most popular and successful progressive house artists in the world. His progressive house tracks are often characterized by their uplifting and positive sounds. He often uses bright synths, catchy melodies, and uplifting vocals to create a sense of euphoria and excitement in his tracks.

You never know, learning his style might just help you to carve your own unique sound, so without further ado, let’s launch into the tutorial.

How To Make Progressive House like Nicky Romero

First set the BPM to 126, then make an emotional melody and chord progression.

After that, make the rest of the fitting with this motif, then make the chords.

Make the bass first, and find notes that sound good with the melody, then turn them into chords. 

Next up, make the drum beat. Add some ambiance to fill it up. Add fills and FX and also add snares and cymbals for the 2nd part of the drop.

Use a pryda snare to transition into the 2nd part of the drop and a full drumloop.

Then make the leads.

Use the following sounds:

  • 2007 dance piano
  • Soft piano
  • Mono saw
  • Main lead
  • Thin supersaw
    Aggressive supersaw
  • Vibrato layer
  • Detained supersaw
  • Pluck layer
  • white noise

Then add a pitchbend automation (Pitchbend can add a lot of power and energy to your sound and it also makes it more unique).

Now make the chords. Make sure they sound good because the chords are very important in progressive house music.

Use the following layers:

  • Martin Garrix chord
  • Supersaw layer
  • Piano
  • Plucky Chord
  • Gated chord (to add movement)
  • Supersaw 2

Cut the high frequencies so they don’t mess with the leads.

Now, moving on to the bass, which is vital as well because it adds movement and power

Use the following sounds:

  • Powerful sub
  • Aggressive mid-bass
  • Mid bass 2
  • Rolling bass
  • Together they sound like this
  • Bassline’
  • Tapestop for more energy

And there you have your Progressive House track, Nicky Romero style.

A Summary of the Steps

  1. Start with a catchy and uplifting melody.
  2. Add harmony to create a sense of movement and progression.
  3. Arrange your track using build-ups and breakdowns to create tension and release.
  4. Design your sounds using a variety of high-quality samples and presets.
  5. Experiment with different sounds and styles.
  6. Pay attention to the mix and make sure that all of the elements in your track are balanced and that the overall sound is clear and punchy.
The hands of Nicky Romero fans

Do you Need Samples and Presets?

Yes! Find some high-quality sounds from a progressive house pack. All the samples and presets used in the tutorial are from the progressive house pack “Lost”, which is the ultimate pack for progressive house. It’s filled with 400 samples, 80 Sylenth1 presets and 5 FLPs.

Not only that, but it’s Inspired by Martin Garrix Mane, Dubvision, Matisse & sadko and many, many more. It’s a good investment.

Tips for Making Progressive House Like Nicky Romero

Here are a few tips for making progressive house like Nicky Romero:

  • Use bright synths and catchy melodies.
  • Use uplifting vocals.
  • Create a sense of euphoria and excitement in your tracks.
  • Experiment with different sounds and styles.
  • Pay attention to the mix and mastering.

Making progressive house music like Nicky Romero takes time and practice, but by following the tips in this article, you’ll be well on your way to creating your own tracks. Don’t be afraid to try new things and push the boundaries of the genre. Known for his innovative sound design and unique melodies, Nicky Romero isn’t afraid to take risks, so you shouldn’t be either.