LOST Vol. 1

Progressive House Sample Pack


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Sample Pack

Master Progressive House with this pack.

LOST is the Ultimate Progressive House Sample Pack. For this pack we teamed up with Progressive House Producer: Impulse. Impulse have released multiple Progressive House Tracks on Revealed Recordings and Eonity Records! LOST contains the highest quality sounds for creating Professional Progressive House like artists such as Manse, DubVision, Martin Garrix, Matisse & Sadko and many more. The Samples in this Tracks were crafted from Impulse's Tracks and with this Sound Library you have access to their arsenal of Samples!

LOST Downlifter - 16 (F#)
LOST Drum Loop - 14 (125 BPM)
LOST Ambiance - 21 (G)
LOST Build-Up Drums - 9 (128 BPM)
LOST Fill - 15 (128 BPM)
LOST Cymbal Loop - 10 (128 BPM)
LOST Impact - 2 (F#)
LOST Percussion Loop - 7 (128 BPM)
LOST Uplifter - 20 (128 BPM) (G#)
LOST Fill - 33 (128 BPM)
LOST Ambiance - 11 (128 BPM) (B)
LOST Drum Loop - 4 (128 BPM)

The #1 Progressive House presets.

Many know how important the Sound Design in a Progressive House Track can be. From Big Leads to Ambient Chords to Uplifting Basslines, you can all find it in this Soundbank! We included a ton of Presets from Impulse's Best Tracks. You'll have access to Top-Tier Sounds used by the Professionals.

LOST Leads - Another Side
LOST Chords - High On Life
LOST Leads - Unbreakable
LOST Arp - Home
LOST Leads - High On Life
LOST Chords - Another Side
LOST Bass - Home
LOST Pad - Tails
LOST Pluck - Ambient
LOST Chords - Home
LOST Bass - Troubles
LOST Chords - Unbreakable
Project Files

A True Powerhouse.

Inside this Sample Pack you will also find 4 Progressive House FLPs, produced by NateX & Impulse. With these Project Files you can dive deep into the process and study every aspect of a Progressive House track. We created several Progressive House Hits from the past year such as "High On Life" by Martin Garrix, and Manse's "Home" Remix. With these FLPs you'll be able to study advanced Production Techniques such as Sound Design, Arrangement, Mixing, Mastering and more!

It’s time to level up your productions.

Progressive House Sample Pack

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I'm a big fan of MusiCore. Their samples are tightly mixed and there's a beautiful atmosphere in every sound. Their Progressive House Pack: LOST was an essential part of my synth wave track, which I think is enough to prove their quality!

- Vories (200k+ YouTube Subscribers)

I really love MusiCore's packs! All of their products are extremely professional and easy to use no matter what level of producing you're at. It's really nice being able to open just one pack and find all the sounds I need. I would definitely recommend their products!

- Elation (80k+ YouTube Subscribers)

We love the products from MusiCore! All the products on their site are very professional and can instantly make your productions better. We are proud to work with MusiCore and we can definitely recommend all of their packs!

- FLP Family (120k+ YouTube Subscribers)