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What’s inside?

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Sample Pack

Future Rave Is Taking Over.

Future Rave is a genre that has taken over the festivals in the past 2 years thanks to artists such as David Guetta and Morten. Currently, Future Ravee is heard at every festival thanks to these Pioniers. If you want to take over the festival scene with entrancing Melodies and powerful Basslines, Thermal and the 380 High-Quality Samples inside is a must have addition for your sound library.

Thermal Ambiance - 4 (126 BPM (G)
Thermal Kick - 7
Thermal Impact - 2 (126 BPM (G)
Thermal Drum Loop - 4 (128 BPM)
Thermal Clap - 12
Thermal Downlifter - 18 (124 BPM) (C)
Thermal Stab - 6 (F)
Thermal Build-Up Loop - 19 (126 BPM)
Thermal Tom - 13 (A#)
Thermal Drum Loop - 11 (126 BPM)
Thermal Reverse FX - 6 (G)
Thermal Fill - 8 (125 BPM)

The Iconic Sound of Future Rave.

Future Rave has a very unique Sound Design that has set itself apart from the scene. Combine Mono Leads with Punchy and Aggressive Basslines and you got yourself a Future Rave Track. At least in the beginning, but now there are more Sound Design choices to make than ever and we have included all of them in the vast Soundbank included with Thermal.

Thermal Bass - Filthy
Thermal Lead - Bright
Thermal Pad - Relief
Thermal Lead - Impossible
Thermal Pluck - We Don't Need
Thermal Bass - Fox
Thermal Synth - Stabby II
Thermal Reese - Titanium
Thermal Lead - Education
Thermal Pad - Axe
Thermal Bass - Juno
Thermal Lead - Impossible II
Project Files

Study Future Rave Productions.

Inside the Sample Pack we also included 3 Project Files for FL Studio. With these Project Files you can study how popular Future Rave Tracks were structured and study and apply these Production Techniques to your own Productions!

It’s time to level up your productions.

Future Rave Sample Pack

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I'm a big fan of MusiCore. Their samples are tightly mixed and there's a beautiful atmosphere in every sound. Their Progressive House Pack: LOST was an essential part of my synth wave track, which I think is enough to prove their quality!

- Vories (200k+ YouTube Subscribers)

I really love MusiCore's packs! All of their products are extremely professional and easy to use no matter what level of producing you're at. It's really nice being able to open just one pack and find all the sounds I need. I would definitely recommend their products!

- Elation (80k+ YouTube Subscribers)

We love the products from MusiCore! All the products on their site are very professional and can instantly make your productions better. We are proud to work with MusiCore and we can definitely recommend all of their packs!

- FLP Family (120k+ YouTube Subscribers)