Hexagon Sounds

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All the essentials and the some.

Cutting-Edge Hexagon Style Presets.

Hexagon Sounds contains 80 Custom Crafted Presets for Xfer Serum. These Presets were designed in the style of Hexagon Records. We have included tons of Cutting-Edge Presets ranging from Leads to Basses to LFO Chord to Plucks; you'll find it all in this pack! With these Presets you can apply the unique sound of Hexagon to your own tracks and create the next Hit Song!

Hexagon Lead - Forever
Hexagon Reese - Industry
Hexagon Pluck - Fools
Hexagon Pad - Pressure
Hexagon Chord - Gameboy
Hexagon Pluck - Turner
Hexagon Lead - Carbon
Hexagon Bass - FM
Hexagon LFO Chord - Juice
Hexagon Bass - Empire
Hexagon Chord - Venom
Hexagon Lead - Walls
macro tweaked

Tweak Sounds To Your Liking with Macros.

A lot of the Presets in Hexagon Sounds are made with Macros. With Macros, you can create an entirely new sound just by moving one knob! With this feature, you are fully in control of the sound. If you don't like the way a Preset sounds, you can turn some Macros and end up with an entirely different sound.

Default Preset: Hexagon Pluck - 007
Macro 1: Bell
Macro 2: Wider
Macro 3: Lead Mode
Default Preset: Hexagon Bass - Ritual
Macro 1: Dimension
Macro 2: Filter
Macro 3: Sustain
Default Preset: Hexagon Lead - Dream
Macro 1: Vibrato
Macro 2: WT Position
Macro 3: FX Morph

It’s time to level up your productions.

Hexagon Sounds
Serum Soundbank
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