How To Make Slap House With Vocal Chops

Making Slap House with Vocal Chops is really easy! No, actually, it’s not, but it’s much simpler when you have Sample packs and FLPs. Slap House is much more minimalistic than some other types of EDM, but there are unique elements to it that make it what it is. Let’s dive into what Slap House is and how to make it with the very important vocal chops.

What is Slap House?

Slap House is a sub-genre of EDM that draws inspiration from Deep House, Future House, and Brazilian Bass. Some people say it is a more upbeat, energetic take on Deep House. Artists like Dynoro, Imanbek and Alok have made it popular around the world. It has hard, syncopated (displaced beats) basslines and there are usually catchy melodies with vocal chops.

What are Vocal Chops?

So, in music production, vocal chops are short snippets of vocals that are cut up and rearranged to make new melodies, rhythms, and textures. You can either make them by:

  • Manual Chopping

Using a DAW (digital audio workstation), vocals are cut up into smaller pieces.

  • Slicing

This is when you use a plugin or sampler automatically to slice vocals into smaller pieces.

  • Synthesis

Manipulating small grains of vocals to create new sounds.

Once you’ve made vocal chops, you can manipulate them to make different effects. They’re really popular with EDM producers because they can add a catchy hook or melody to a track.

How to Make Slap House with Vocal Chops

As stated, it’s not the easiest art form to make even though it can have a minimalist sound. You need to get the bass right for it to become slappy slap house, and the vocal chops are important to get the hook and melody down. Take a look at the following 5 steps that will help make the process a lot simpler:

1. Setting Up The Project

First set the BPM to 126, then find a vocal. Once you’ve got the vocal, you can start working on the break. 

2.  Add The Bassline

Add a moving bassline. The tutorial uses a marshmello style bassline. Add some drums and FX, which can really spice up your break, and add more elements for the 2nd part of the break.

This part also contains The Build Up, which is very simple. This is common in Lithuania HQ style tracks and slap house. Listen to your chosen build up drums, then slowly filter out the bass lows, which makes the drop hit hard. Listen to the bass automation and the full break

3. Make The Drop

Now it’s time to make the drop, which will consist of two parts. First make some vocal chops. Add Slicex vst and drag your acapella in. 

At this point, you can make vocal chops. Find a chop that sounds nice. By changing the pitch of some chops, you can create a melody. To make the vocal chops have power, do a lot of mixing to make the vocal chops sound powerful. One of the plugins is vortex by Cymatics. It’s actually an 808 enhancer but it works really well on a lot of stuff. 

The mixing makes a big difference! Listen to the mixing on and off to hear it. Also, add leads that play the melody of the vocal chops, which will make the sound fuller. Finally, add a filter and reverb for that extra touch.

At this point, listen to your Leads + Vocal chops all together.

4. Create The Slap

Now, it’s time to make the slap bass. First find a good slap bass, then make a nice bass melody. Lastly, finish it. Add some percs and clicks to make the bass punchier. Add some bass FX to fill in the empty spots and add a fat sub, then listen to the full bass!

5. Add The Drums

When you make the drums, use the following:

  • Top Kick
  • Main Kick
  • Pre-shifted clap 1
  • Pre-shifted clap 2
  • Pre-shifted clap 3
  • Pre-shifted clap 4
  • Hi-Hat 1
  • Hi-Hat 2
  • Drum Fills
  • Drum Loop
  • FX
Getting ready for some Slap House at a gig

Do You Need Samples and Presets?

All the samples and presets in the tutorial are from the slap house pack, Infinity, which is an amazing slap house pack. It contains all the tools you need to create the next slap house hit song. You get 350 samples, 150 presets, and 5 professional FLPs. It’s inspired by artists such as Alok, Dynoro, Vize, and Imanbek.

Samples and presets help you to:

  • Save time
  • Be organised
  • Have the right sounds
  • Learn new techniques

Basically, having samples and presets gives you a solid foundation onto which you can build your tracks.

The Final Note on Slap House with Vocal Chops

Slap House is a fun and energetic subgenre of house music. With it’s catchy melodies, bouncy basslines, and minimalistic production, it’s no surprise that it’s very popular. Having gone through this article, go into that studio with confidence and playfulness, and make your mark on the genre.