How to Make Music Like Mesto in FL Studio 20

Keen to make an EDM track like Mesto? Read this article and watch this tutorial to learn how. First though, what sets Mesto apart from other EDM producers? Well, though his musical genre is mostly future and progressive house, he doesn’t seem to limit himself to one particular sub-genre of EDM. In fact, he does the opposite, he experiments with it all.

He is the perfect example of how modern music technology can provide someone with the opportunity to become an independent producer from an early age. Talent plus hustle can take a producer far. In Mesto’s case, it can even take you into collaboration with leading producers of our time, like Martin Garrix. It helps to be close to an EDM-loving capital city like Amsterdam, but it’s his unique take and signature sound that have got him to where he is today. 

What Makes Mesto’s Sound Unique?

Mesto uses slap bass, fast tempos, catchy melodies, synths and automation. Though this sounds similar to other EDM producers, he does have his own signature sound.

  • Slap Bass

The slap bass is a consistent element in his music

  • Fast Tempos

His BPM is usually between 126 and 130

  • Catchy Melodies

Though simple and repetitive, he is a master at getting melodies stuck in your head

  • Synths

His synths give his EDM a clean sound

  • Automation

His automation creates interesting effects. For instance, he automates the filter cut off or the volume of the track.

How to Make a Mesto Track

You can group the following steps into four main stages: the Arrangement, Bassline and fills, Drums and FX, and lastly, Mixing and Mastering

Stage 1: The Arrangement of a Mesto Track

First set the BPM to 126. Start with the melody, then make the leads. For the tutorial, they used 1 main lead and 4 supportive layers. 

Use these:

  • Main lead
  • Support lead
  • Supersaw
  • Aggressive supersaw
  • Plucky Lead

All together, they will form the main leads.

For the mixing, use the following:

  1. An EQ to boost and cut frequencies
  2. Fabfilter Saturn to add some colour to the sound
  3. Dimension Expander to add more depth to the sound
  4. Valhallaroom for the main reverb
  5. And Fruity Reverb

Automate the wet level to fill up the gaps in the sound. When reverb automation is on it fills up the silent spots. It also brings you back into the melody. 

Now it’s time to move on to the chords. Make simple ones that follow the melody. 

Use these:

  • Plucky Chord
  • Square Pluck
  • Supersaw Chord

Then listen to them all together before moving on to the bass.

Stage 2: Mesto’s Bassline and Fills

The bass is very important! Use slide notes and octave jumps, which makes it more unique and more energetic. You want to layer them to get a much fuller sound. 

Use these sounds:

  • Mesto Bass
  • Plucky Bass
  • Square Bass
  • Thin Bass
  • One-shot 1
  • One-shot 2
  • One-shot 3

Add a synth fill to use at the end of each 4 bars and a piano fill to lead into the 2nd part of the drop. 

Stage 3: Drums and FX in a Mesto Track

The drums beat consists of a few elements:

  • Kick
  • Drop Clap
  • Pre-shifted clap 1
  • Pre-shifted clap 2
  • Pre-shifted clap 3
  • Pre-shifted clap 4
  • Misc FX
  • Reverse Vocal
  • Drop Clap
  • Hi-Hat 1
  • Hi-Hat 2
  • Downlifters

Add all of these, then listen to your drums and FX all together.

Stage 4: Mixing and Mastering like Mesto

At this point, you are nearly done. You just need to listen to your entire track to make sure that all the elements are working well together. You want to use a mastering plugin (like the one on SL Studio 20) to make sure it sounds its best. 

Mastering equalises your track, compresses it, and adds the final touches like limiting and saturation.

EDM by Mesto is best heard live

What Presets and Samples Can You Use to Sound like Mesto?

All of the sounds used in the tutorial (that this article is based on) are from the Future Bounce Sample Pack. Elevation is the ultimate future bounce sample pack because it contains over 300 samples, 160 presets, and 5 future bounce FLPs. It’s inspired by artists such as Mesto, Mike Williams, Brooks, Dirty Palm and Jay Eskar.

Mesto Inspired Tips for Your Own EDM

  1. Have reference tracks from Mesto to guide you.
  2. Experiment with different sounds.
  3. Use Automation to create movement in your track.
  4. Use a good quality Mastering Plugin to make your track sound its best.

So there you have it, then, the stages in a Mesto EDM track. If you have FL Studio 20, the ear and the passion, you could make your very own Mesto-inspired EDM. Just follow these tips, and make sure you have the sample and presets needed to be ready for the studio.