How to Make a Hit Remix in FL Studio

The chances are that you clicked on this article because you want to make a hit remix or you’d like to know more about FL Studio. Let’s start with the latter.

FL Studio is music production software that has a graphical user interface and a pattern-based music sequencer. Simply put, it is an all-in-one that lets you produce, mix and master for a professional sound. 

As for the former, making a hit remix, read this article, based on a very helpful tutorial, to see how to do just that with software that has become a favourite for producers and musicians all around the world. 

To learn how to make a hit remix in FL Studio, all you need to do is the following:

Step1: Find a Catchy Vocal

First, find a catchy vocal. The tutorial uses a great catchy Dua Lipa vocal. After that, find the BPM & key. For this vocal, the original BPM is 113 and the key is E minor. If the original BPM is too slow, set it to 122. You’ll also have to stretch the vocal properly with the new BPM. When you type in the original BPM, the vocal will sound pitched up. To fix that, set the mode to “auto” and the vocal will sound good. 

Step 2: Start on The Drop

Use your new vocals in the drop, and then you need to find a nice Deep House Bass. Once you’ve got that down, add some layers to give the bass a thicker sound. Next up, add some pluck layers. They play the same layers as the bass but 7 semitones higher, which adds a nice harmony. Next up, add a deep sub-bass, and add a bass fill to fill up the empty spot, then listen to all drop elements combined. After that, add some pianos for the 2nd part. In the tutorial, they used 4 piano layers to get a full sound. 

Step 3: Making the Outro

The vocals for this part will contain the sub from the drop with some details and changes to keep it interesting. 

Step 4: Moving on to the Drums and FX

Start off with a simple kick loop. After 4 bars, introduce some hi-hats and claps. In the 2nd part of the drop, expand the previous loop with more drums and FX. For the outro, keep roughly the same style, but with less drums. What you’ll need to do is add more FX to smoothen the transitions.

Step 5: Constructing The Break 

Keep the break as simple as possible. Use the vocals of your choice, and add an intro melody to go with it. The tutorial uses Rhodes and Piano to get a vintage sound. Add some simple drums and FX to keep the rhythm going.

Step 6: Introducing the Build Up

Bring in the main bass from the drop. Add some FX and build-up drums to transition into the drop. 

Remixing in FL Studio is not as difficult as it may seem!

Should You Use Samples and Presets?

All of the sounds in the tutorial are from the Deep House sample pack. It contains 410 samples, including drums, loops and FX. It also has 145 presets designed for Serum.

There are also 5 project files for FL Studio/Ableton/Logic Pro.

Tips on Making a Hit Remix

  1. Choose the right song to remix

Not every song is suitable for a remix. It needs a catchy vocal and a danceable beat.

  1. Be creative and experiment

Bland music is boring! The best remixes often have something unique and unexpected about them. 

  1. Focus on the drop

The drop needs to be big, catchy and energetic.

  1. Use high-quality samples and presets

Don’t skimp on the samples and presets.

  1. Mix and master your track carefully

You want your track to sound polished and  professional. 

Do You Need Permission to Remix?

Well, yes, in order to avoid copyright infringement, lawsuits, and other such scary things. Now, some artists might just be flattered and let you make them world famous, but some may not be too keen on your interpretation of their original track. To be on the safe side, consider doing the following if you want to make a remix:

  1. Buy the original track – don’t steal it! 

When you show your support to the original artist, you’re starting off on the right track.

  1. Contact the artist’s record label

This is the best way to get hold of the artist or their management.

  1. Use a remix platform

Using a platform that has obtained permission already is a safe option. 

  1. Reach out to the artist directly

If you have the artist’s social media handle, you could try getting hold of them directly to get their permission in writing.

Making a remix can be challenging. By following the steps, tips and advice in this article, and by using FL Studio, you’ll have a good chance of not just making a remix, but making a hit remix. Sometimes, the remix is bigger than the original, and your interpretation of a song can reach an international audience and form part of a greatest hits. You won’t know unless you apply your ear and try. With hard work and dedication, you can get there.