How to Make a Drop like Martin Garrix

The drop is that moment in an EDM song when the beat kicks in at full force, and that tension in the build up releases. There are different ways of making a drop, and one signature style that we’re looking at today is the drop by Martin Garrix.

Does he need an introduction? Well, for anyone who’s new to EDM, Garrix is one of the most popular and successful progressive house producers in the world. He is known for his energetic drops, catchy melodies, and use of a wide variety of synths and real instruments.

His drop is unique because he uses a combination of different techniques, which give them a complex but layered sound. He might use sidechain, compression, distortion, EQ, reverb, and delay all in the same drop. He also uses a range of instruments and software to get that sound. Basically, he experimented and found his own way, and you can do so too.

In this article, we’re looking specifically at the Martin Garrix Drop, and have the help of a tutorial to show us how it’s done.

10 Steps to Make a Drop like Martin Garrix

  1. If you want a sound like Martin Garrix, you want to use a rhythm. Once you have a rhythm, make a simple melody and chord progression. Also, don’t forget to add the classic martin at the end of each 8 bars.
  1. Now it’s time to make our leads. For the leads, you have to combine synths and real instruments. For the synths, use the following:
  • The lead from mistaken
  • A wide supersaw
  • A punchy supersaw
  • A mono saw 
  • Lead with white noise

Remember, you want to use real instruments!

  1. Martin (1st name basis and all) likes to use guitars in his tracks and a piano to fill up his sound. Then add some strings, which make a nice sound when combined with saws.
  1. At this point, combine with synths to listen to the sound (or just watch the tutorial at 1.53 min to hear it).
  1. Now let’s move on to the chords. In progressive house, the chords are really important, so make sure they don’t sound bad!

Use 3 layers

  • A supersaw
  • A lead to accompany the mid freqs
  • An arpeggiated chord
  1. Be sure to use an equaliser to cut out high and low frequencies. Also try a stereo imager to put them to the slides.
  1. EQ, cut out the high frequencies – Imager, make them wide. You should do this to make sure the chords and leads don’t fight. In return, you get a cleaner, more balanced mix.
  1. Now, let’s move on to the bass. If you want to sound like Martin, you should use softer basslines. So try to find some warmer sounds. Like:
  • A saw bass with cut off high freqs
  • Don’t forget that sub bass
  • Nexus basic saw bass
  1. Now that you have all the elements, it’s time to make a drumbeat. A Martin Garrix style drumbeat consists of a few things:
  • A kick
  • Some rides
  • Some more rides
  • Claps for the 2nd part
  • A percussion loop
  1. You should also add some fills at the end of each bar:
  • Snare with reverse vocal
  • Clap with Tom Fill
  • Snare with Tom Fill
  • A ride Fill-ish
  • Crowd FX (You should also add some crowd FX to fill up the some more)
  • Downlifters
  • Riser

Add a snare fill at the end of the 8 bars to complete the Classic Martin.

Martin Garrix About to make the drop

How Can You Make Your Own Unique Drop?

  1. Use unexpected sounds. Don’t be afraid to use sounds that people don’t typically expect to hear in an EDM drop. This could be anything from a strange synth sound to a sample from a non-musical source.
  1. Experiment with rhythm and tempo. Try changing up the rhythm or tempo of your drop to create a sense of surprise and excitement. For example, you could use a syncopated rhythm or a faster tempo than the rest of the song.
  2. Use different textures and layers. Add different textures and layers to your drop to create a more complex and interesting sound. This could involve using different synths, instruments, or effects.
  1. Use automation. Automate different parameters of your drop to create movement and interest. This could involve automating the volume, filter cutoff, or pitch of your instruments.
  1. Use risers and downlifters. Risers and downlifters can be used to create a sense of anticipation and excitement before the drop hits.
  1. Use vocal chops. Vocal chops can be used to add a human element to your drop and make it more memorable.
  1. Use sound design. Get creative with sound design to create unique and interesting sounds for your drop.

So that is how you make a drop like Martin Garrix. It takes time, practice, and experimentation, but it is definitely possible. Just remember to use the techniques and tips from this article, and you will be well on your way to creating your own signature drops.