How to Make EDM like Alan Walker

All artists have a unique style, right? Would you like to make an EDM track like Alan Walker? Well, you can, and there’s even a tutorial to show you how. You’re not stealing his style, you’re expanding your musical tool box to make your own style.


Who is Alan Walker?

If you’ve come here via the rabbit hole, and don’t know who Alan Walker is, then you’re in the right place. Born just before the end of the last century, Alan Walker is a Norwegian DJ and music producer. Best known for his single, Faded, Walker has trap, electropop, electro house, future house, future bass, and big room house in his musical repertoire. 

His work is intuitive – not planned to boredom. His music is known for its use of simple but catchy melodies, atmospheric chords, and punchy drums. He often uses sawtooth and square wave leads, as well as super saw chords and aggressive bass. His melodies are often in major keys and have a distinctive rhythm that gives them a sense of movement and flow.

How to Make Alan Walker-Inspired EDM 

If you’re just starting out in EDM, learning how to make Alan Walker type tracks can only help you to create your own sound. Watch his tutorial, but first read this article. It’s basically the video in written format with a bit of encouragement on the side.  

The Alan Walker Method

Start With The Melody and the Chords

Set the first BPM to 90. Then make an Alan walker melody + chord progression.

The track will be in G# major, so start on the root note G#.

Be sure to add that Walker swing to the melody.

First make the base, then make the rest.

To make the chords, you’ll start with the bass notes. Try to find notes that sound good with the melody, then turn them into actual chords.

Once you have the melody, it’s time to make the leads.

If you want to sound like Alan Walker, you want to combine square + saw leads.

Use these sounds:

  • Alan walker lead
  • Gritty noise lead
  • Faded style lead
  • Saw lead

Next, do the chords. The chords have a different rhythm from the melody, which gives the track more groove and makes it unique.

Use these layers:

  • Super saw chord
  • Super saw chord 2
  • Super Saw chord 3
  • Nexus Piano

Moving on to the Bass

Let’s move on to the bass, which is very simple.

Use a few layers:

  • Aggressive bass
  • Saw bass
  • Sub bass
  • Drop Bass

Add a choir for the 2nd part of the drop.

Using Drums and FX

Next up, make the drums, the drop, and the build up.

First add drums and FX, then use Build-Up elements. Then add stuff to fill it up, like a Build-up pluck. Add a pad – this adds a lot of warmth to the sound. Then, add a piano to fill it up more, try an Emotional Piano. Next, add a bass to cover the low frequencies, try the Build-up bass.

Add some plucks to give that Alan Walker Vibe. Try to automate the filter cutoff because it will create tension throughout the build up. Be sure to introduce the leads with a filter automation. After you’ve followed the steps above, you’ll have an Alan Walker inspired EDM track. Now, go and get started.

Dancing to Alan Walker

Final Tips and Suggestions to Make an Alan Walker EDM Sound

Alan Walker is a pioneer in the EDM scene, and his music has inspired countless artists to create their own unique sounds. If you’re interested in making EDM like him, there are a few things you can keep in mind:

  • Start with the melody and the chords. The melodies are often simple but catchy, and his chords are usually in major keys.
  • Use the right sounds. Walker’s music is known for its use of sawtooth and square wave leads, as well as super saw chords and aggressive bass.
  • Add a choir. He often uses choirs in his music, especially in the second half of the drop.
  • Pay attention to the drums and FX. Walker’s drums are usually tight and punchy, and he often uses FX to create a sense of atmosphere and tension.

There are also a number of resources available online that can help you. A popular one is the Alan Walker Pack, which contains over 100 samples and 50+ presets inspired by Walker’s music.

If you’re just starting out in EDM, don’t be afraid to experiment and find your own sound. But if you’re looking for a good starting point, having read this article, watch his tutorial and follow the tips from above to help you create EDM that sounds like Alan Walker.

Remember, the most important thing is to have fun and be creative!