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After the success of LOST Vol. 1, we decided it's time for LOST Vol. 2! And we're not going to lie, this pack is even better than the first one! We teamed up with Progressive House Producer: WildVibes this time! WildVibes has released many Progressive House Tracks on labels such as Revealed, Eonity & AirwaveMusic


Not only does this pack contain various Samples & Presets from his best tracks, but we also included a Masterclass by WildVibes where he explains how he made his track "Happy With You"! Learn Progressive House Sound Design, Vocal Processing, Mixing, Mastering and many more in this masterclass!


We also included 40 MIDI Files to help you with your Progressive House Productions! Use the Chord Progression MIDIs to make a base for your track, or use our Melody MIDIs to get a Professional Progressive House Melody!


The pack also contains a Full Progressive House FLP produced by WildVibes using Samples & Presets from LOST Vol. 2, as well as a Full Progressive House FLP by NateX! We also included Real Instruments such as Guitars & Strings to give your Progressive House Tracks that organic touch!


Don't wait, this is the ULTIMATE Progressive House Producer Pack!

What's Inside?

🡫 What's Inside?

🡪 2 Full Professional Progressive House FLPs

🡪 25 Minute Masterclass by WildVibes

🡪 170 High-Quality Presets for Sylenth1 v3 

🡪 260 Drums & Drum Loops

🡪 30 Real Instruments (Guitar, Piano & Strings)

🡪 10 Lead Shots

🡪 150 FX such as Downlifters

🡪 40 MIDI Files to help your Progressive House Productions

Sample Pack Requirements

To Use LOST Vol. 2 you need the following:

  • For the Sylenth1 Presets you need to have Sylenth1 v3.055 or higher.
  • You can use the samples in any DAW that supports WAV Files
  • For the Project Files you need:
    • FL Studio 20.8 or higher/Logic Pro 10.5 or higher/Ableton Live 10.1 or higher
    • ReFX Nexus
    • TruePianos
    • Sylenth1 v3.055
    • Spire v1.1.4 or higher
    • FabFilter: Pro-Q2, Pro-Q3, Saturn
    • SPAN (Free)
    • Invisible Limiter
    • The Glue
    • ArtsAcoustic Reeverb
    • OTT (Free)
    • Kickstart
    • S1 Imager Stereo
    • Sausage Fattener
    • ValhallaRoom
    • ValhallaVintageVerb
    • EchoBoy
    • Decapitator
    • CamelCrusher
    • RBass
    • L2
    • Endless Smile
    • LFOTool

Full details

Listen to "LOST Vol. 2 - Progressive House Sample Pack" in action.

  • LOST Vol. 2 - WildVibes Leads

  • LOST Vol. 2 - Guitar 7 (G#)

  • LOST Vol. 2 - Fill 30 (128 BPM)

  • LOST Vol. 2 - NateX Leads

  • LOST Vol. 2 - Cymbal Loop 7 (128 BPM)

  • LOST Vol. 2 - Drum Loop 4 (128 BPM)

  • LOST Vol. 2 - Ambiance 3 (A#)

  • LOST Vol. 2 - NateX Chords

  • LOST Vol. 2 - Uplifter 21 (G#)

  • LOST Vol. 2 - Reverse Synth 3 (C#)

  • LOST Vol. 2 - NateX Bass

  • LOST Vol. 2 - Fill 17 (128 BPM)

  • LOST Vol. 2 - Impact 3

  • LOST Vol. 2 - NateX Arp

  • LOST Vol. 2 - Build Up Loop 13 (128 BPM)

  • LOST Vol. 2 - Strings 10 (A#)

  • LOST Vol. 2 - WildVibes Chords

  • LOST Vol. 2 - Ambiance 22 (C)

LOST Vol. 2 - Progressive House Sample Pack - Video Preview

LOST Vol.2 - Project Files

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