How to Make Progressive House like DubVision

Progressive House is arguably the most popular kind of EDM with listeners tuning in from around the globe and producers doing gigs all over. DubVision is one example, and right now, we’re going to see how to make DubVision Progressive House.

What Do you Need to Make Progressive House like DubVision?

Music technology such as software like FL Studio 20, and Sample Packs for the specific sounds that you’re going for.

The tutorial this article is based on uses the Progressive House pack, Lost. It’s the ultimate progressive house sample pack. It contains:

  • 85 Presets for Sylenth1 V2.
  • 280 Drum shots and loops. 
  • 120 FX such as ambiance and downlifters
  • 4 professional project files for FL Studio 20.

It just really helps to have all these samples and the professional quality means less work in the long run. 

How to Describe DubVision Progressive House

Straight up we can call them Progressive House producers. That said, they do cross over into other genres by sampling bits from pop and trance. They’re known for their catchy melodies, energetic beats, and creating an uplifting atmosphere.

Getting Stuck Into a DubVision Progressive House Track

First, you want to come up with a DubVision style melody. Once you have the melody, it’s time to work on the leads. Use more than one layer to get a fuller sound. 

Use the following layers:

  • A Clicky saw for more punch
  • A DubVision style lead
  • A Centered kind of saw
  • A Vibrating kind of saw
  • A High saw layer
  • A Supersaw with a lot of release
  • A Clicky pulse kind of layer, for more punch
  • Finally, a low supersaw

Then play them back to hear the sound.

Doing the DubVision Mixing 

Start by routing all your tracks to a BUS, then process them together as well. On the individual tracks, only use an equaliser to cut out bad frequencies.

On the BUS, use the following elements:

  1. An equaliser to boost and dip some frequencies
  2. Fabfilter Saturn, to add some saturation and colour to the sound. 
  3. OTT to compress leads together and make them sound like one piece
  4. An after equaliser until you’re completely satisfied.
  5. Fruity delay, just because.
  6. A filter to use for “special occasions”
  7. Sidechain

Set the mix to about 70% so that it is not completely quiet when the kick hits.

For the reverb, always use a separate mixer track. You’re going to want to find an empty track, and that will be the reverb. Then add a reverb plugin, use valhallaroom. Set the mix all the way to 100% so that this track will only produce reverb. Then adjust the other settings to your liking. Now let’s route the lead to the reverb. Finally, move the thing around till you like it.

Progressive House Chords DubVision Style

The chords are split into two categories:

  1. Rolling kind of chords
  2. Rhythm of the melody chords

Take a look at all these layers:

  • A rolling supersaw
  • Another rolling saw
  • A Martin Garrix chord
  • A plucky chord
  • A wide supersaw

Then listen to them all together. Once that’s done, be sure to add a slight twist to the second part of the drop. It starts on a lower chord, B Minor to be exact.

Also add 1 or 2 piano layers for more support.

Making The DubVision Progressive House Bass

To keep the energy going, add a kind of walking bass. It’s similar to a rolling bass, but it’s a bit slower.

Use these:

A sub bass

A crunchy bass line

A Saw-ish bassline

A bass with white noise

A Really aggressive bass

Then listen to them all together.

One final thing to add is some ambiance.

Making Progressive House Drums and FX

The drum beat consists of a few elements. Firstly, a kick, then fills to keep the movement going, and then a small build up for the end of a drop.

For the rest of the drums, use the following:

  • A drop clap
  • A tight clap to add on to the kick
  • A white noise ride that follows the melody
  • A normal ride
  • A second ride
  • A cymbal crash
  • A pre-shifted clap in the 2nd half of the drop
  • A high pre-shifted clap
  • A cymbal loop
  • And finally some FX
Dancing to DubVision Progressive House

The Final Note on Progressive House like DubVision

Making music like DubVision can be fun and challenging at the same time. Getting the right equipment is a good start, then playing with the sounds till you’re onto something. By following this mini-tutorial, you’re going in the right direction already. The talented duo, DubVision, have played in the best festivals in the world and have had many award nominations. They have worked hard to craft their sound, so give them their due by learning from them and making your own progressive house tracks.