How to: Music Like Tungevaag in 5 Minutes

Can you make music like Tungevaag in under 5 minutes? Maybe. The trick is to have everything ready in the form of FL Studio, Serum, and professionally made samples and presets. It’s not that it will take you 5 minutes to make the music, but watching a tutorial or a quick read of an article will take that length to show you the basics of how to do it. Then, with some practice you can make tracks like Tungevaag’s relatively easily.  

Describing Tungevaag’s Sound

Tungevaag mixes Future bass and Progressive House, with a splash of Tropical House too. Basically, you have powerful basslines, with catchy melodies and an energetic beat, sometimes with a beach-vibey twist. He’s even known to add a touch of Norwegian folk music to his tracks which just shows his eclectic style. 

2 Steps to Make Music Like Tungevaag

Look at a track and think of it in two main steps. On the one hand, you have the Melody, then on the other hand, you have the Bass and Drums. When you arrange them at the right BPM you can see what makes a Tungevaag track. Let’s dive in for a quick overview.

Step 1: Making the Melody

Set your BPM to 95. Then find a vocal. It’s important to get the right vocal because you’re going to use it for the melody. Once you’ve got the vocals, make the melody with the same melody as the vocals. Then from there, you can go on to make the leads. When you’re done, add a layer with lots of reverb. It’s the ambient lead. 

Step 2: Making the Chords, Bass and Drums

Now let’s move on to the chords. Once that’s done, find some aggressive bass presets or choose some from a sample pack you may have. Use Sub + 1 Octave to make sure it is heard. Listen to the bassline. Then, come up with a simple drumbeat. Introduce Tungevaag drums. Use some orchestral sounds and plucks for the build up.

Now you can listen to your build up sounds, and finally some build up drums. 

And there you have the second step in making a Tungevaag track.

That Tropical House Vibe like Tungevaag

Where Can you get Samples and Presets?

Well, you could make your own, but it’s better to invest in some professionally made sets. All the samples and presets in the tutorial are from the Alan Walker Sample Pack: Walker. The only way you’re going to get a track done in a short time is if you use high quality samples and presets. 

It contains:

  • 55 presets for Sylenth1
  • 145 samples.
  • 2 project files for FL Studio.

It helps if you want to make music like Alan Walker and those inspired by him.

Tips on Making Music like Tungevaag

  1. Use a variety of sounds and textures

Tungevaag’s sound is rich and layered. Use a variety of synths, samplers, and effects to create a unique and interesting sound. 

  1. Pay attention to the details

Small details can make a big difference. Eg. Use automation to make small changes to the volume

  1. Don’t be afraid to experiment. 

There are no hard and fast rules once you’re within the BPM with the right sound library

The Final Note on Making Music like Tungevaag

To make music like Tungevaag, you need creativity, the willingness to experiment, and the ability to mix different sub-genres, and even genres together. Rely on the professionals to make sure you have all that’s needed to get playing in the studio, use a reference track to get your mind ready, and then review the steps outlined above. Most importantly, have fun!