How to Make Progressive House like Martin Garrix

Martin Garrix is one of the most well-known EDM producers in the world. He is at the top because of his unique take on his genre, Progressive House. He’s well known for his drop, but a Garrix track has some key elements to it, as well as a pretty structured approach. 

Defining the Martin Garrix Style

Ultimately, Garrix’s music is energetic and uplifting. No wonder he has won critical acclaim for his Progressive House EDM. With driving drum beats, catchy melodies, and soaring synth leads, he has made himself very popular. 

Have a look at this 3-step system you can follow to learn how to make Progressive House like Martin Garrix. Start off by using a few Garrix songs as reference tracks, then choose one for practising on as they do in this tutorial.

1. Making a Martin Garrix Melody & Chords

Use a melody of one of his tracks, then add some chords to that melody.

Make sure to use some high quality Progressive House Leads!

Use the following plugins for mixing:

  • ‘Equalizer
  • Saturation
  • More Equalizer
  • OTT
  • Sidechain

Then find some chords! You should also add a piano for more power and emotion. Look for Emotional Piano.

2. Making the Garrix Bassline Drop

You want energy and rhythm. Add an outro melody because you can, why not? Add some ambient sounds to fill up the sound. 

  • Drop Ambiance

Then, make a basic drumbreat consisting of:

  • A kick
  • Drum fills
  • Cymbal crash
  • White noise ride
  • Drop Clap
  • Ride
  • Pre-shifted clap
  • Another one
  • Cymbal Loop
  • FX Elements

Listen to your full drum loop!

3. Making the Martin Garrix Build Up

Now that you have the drop, it’s time for the build up. 

The build up consists of:

  • Snare build up
  • Build up piano
  • Ensemble

Use automations to make the transitions smoother:

  • Build up FX
  • Dirty Riser

What Are The Main Elements of a Garrix Track

There are key elements to his tracks that you should have in yours. Consider them a checklist, and if you have all of these, the chances are you have a Garrix-inspired track underway.

  1. Catchy melodies
  2. Energetic Drum Beats
  3. Layered Basslines
  4. Atmospheric pads
  5. Synth Leads
  6. Creative Transitions
  7. Cohesive and Polished sound
  8. A Structured Arrangement
  9. Inspiration and Experimentation 

Do you Need Samples and Presets?

Preferably, yes, unless you feel like recording your own and then mixing those before you can start on a new track. The reason to buy a Progressive House Sample Pack like Lost is because it comes with 400 samples, 80 presets and 4 project files. It just makes mixing that much easier afterwards. When you’re making Progressive House, because it has specific elements to it, it really does help to have a sample pack as your library. 

What Makes a Track Progressive House?

Well, ultimately, it is an uplifting sub-genre of EDM. The catchy melodies chase after euphoria. There’s normally an energetic rhythm to keep dancers on the floor. The synth leads are usually high-pitched, giving it an atmospheric sound. What you’re aiming for in regards to the tempo is about 125 to 132 BPM. The specific tempo depends on the specific artist and the mood of the song though.

Some well-known tracks are:

  • ‘Animals’ by Martin Garrix
  • ‘No Sleep’ by Tiesto
  • ‘In and Out of Love’ by Armin Van Buuren

The Final Note on Making Progressive House like Martin Garrix

Making Progressive House like Martin Garrix takes practice, patience and time in the studio. Be sure to experiment and don’t be discouraged if your tracks don’t seem perfect at first. Just make sure you have everything you need and work hard at improving. 

These steps and key elements outlined above should guide you in the right direction. Go with what sounds right and try to enjoy the process.