How To: Aggressive Future Bounce using FL Studio

Where does Aggressive Future Bounce fit in EDM? Well, there are a lot of sub-genres in EDM, but take a quick look below to see a few comparisons. 

Aggressive Future BounceFuture BounceProgressive HouseSlap House
Tempo130 to 140120 – 130125 to 135130 to 150
BasslineHard-hittingDeep Melodic Melodic, punchy Slapping
SynthsAggressive Sawtooth Future bassFuture bass, vocal chopsSawtooth, vocal chops
VocalsHigh-energy, catchy, aggressiveCatchy, melodic, upliftingMelodic, energeticEnergetic, catchy
A Comparison of EDM Sub-Genres

As you can see, as Future Bounce becomes Aggressive Future Bounce, there’s a shift in tempo and basslines become harder. 

How to Make Aggressive Future Bounce

Keen to learn how to make an aggressive future bounce track? With the help of this tutorial, it’s not that hard!

Step 1: Making The Intro

Set the BPM to 128 (the table above says 130 BPM is where it starts, but that’s the higher end of the future bounce where it meets aggressive future bounce on the lower end in the tempo. It’ll do just fine). 

Since we’re looking at Future Bounce, we need some swing. Find the swing knob. Put it at -40%. It will make some notes sound slightly off-beat, which works really well in Future Bounce Music. 

Now to make the melody and the chords. For the chords, use Unision’s mini midi pack. It has a lot of midi files that help with production. It’s free. Get it. 

Add a midi to the track. Play around until you find something exciting. Try adding some tension because you want to create something with tension and energy.

The tutorial started with F# instead of F. The scale was G minor, you see, and F# is not in that scale. It adds more tension and it also gives it an Arabic kind of vibe. 

Step 2: Making the Melody of an Aggressive Future Bounce Track

Since the key is Gm, start on G. Now make the next part of the melody and play it back with the chords. 

Step 3: Making The Leads

Add a lot of slides to the notes to make it Arabic style. Use Drop layers and automate reverb to fill gaps in the melody, which can make your track much more aggressive and energetic.

More Elements to make the leads more aggressive:

  • Add white noise to fill up the highs (use 3xOSC)

Pro-tip: A simple layer like that can make it 2 x fuller.

  • Add some pluck layers to make the leads punchier

Step 4: Making the Aggressive Future Bounce Chords

The chords are very simple, but they add extra harmonics to the drop leads, which is why they follow the rhythm of the leads. 

Drop your chords then you’ll bring in the bass.

Step 5: Making The Bassline in Aggressive Future Bounce

The Drop Bass is divided into 3 elements:

  • The Main Bass

It should be energetic, bouncy, and aggressive, which is why the bassline has so many octave jumps. It gives the bass movement. 

  • Add Bass One-Shots to the bassline.

This trick by Brooks can make your bassline sound a lot more full. 

  • Add a Fat Sub to fill up the low end. 

Then listen to the full bassline.

Step 6: Making the Drums and FX

First up, add some stabs, which follow the bass notes. They add that extra touch to the drop.

Then add:

  • Small FX
  • Drop Kick
  • Pre-shifted Clap 1
  • Pre-shifted Clap 2
  • Pre-shifted Clap 3
  • Accent Drop Claps
  • Drum Loop 1
  • Drum Loop 2
  • Drop ride
  • Crash
  • Drop Ambiance
  • Downlifter
  • Uplifter

Then listen to your full drums.

And that takes us to the end of a tutorial on making Aggressive Future Bounce!

Aggressive Future Bounce DJ at the Helm

Do You Need a Sample Pack?

Yes, it helps a lot. Not just for the mixing later, but because you have all the sounds you need in one pack. For Aggressive Future Bounce, try Elevation. It has 340 samples, 90 Sylenth1 presets, 80 Serum presets and 5 project files, for example, so it’s like having a sound library. Better still, it’s royalty-free.

The Final Note on Aggressive Future Bounce

By following these 6 steps, and using a decent sample pack, you should be well on your way to making Aggressive Future Bounce. In a way it crosses some sub-genres, depending on your influence, but as the table at the top of this article shows us, Aggressive Future Bounce has its own distinct elements to it. Have fun in the studio!