How to Make Music like Meduza

Meduza, made up of three Italian producers, is huge in EDM. Their style is the focus of this article. More precisely, we’re going to see how to make music like Meduza using FL Studio 20.

How to Define the Meduza Style

Meduza combines deep house with some pop elements to create infectious melodies and pulsating beats. With their synth leads, they also create an emotional vibe. Take a look at the table below to see how Meduza compares to Deep House.

MeduzaDeep House
GenreDeep House, Electronia, PopDeep House
SoundInfectious melodies, pulsating basslines, uplifting emotional vibesSoulful, warm, resonant basslines, hypnotic percussion
Tempo120 – 125120 – 125
Key MinorMinor
SynthsYes, extensivelyYes, commonly
Mixing StyleClean and PolishedOften Raw and Experimental

At a glance, you can see that though Meduza stays true to a deep house influence in tempo and key, the sound is unique because it crosses genres and makes excellent use of modern music production techniques. 

Deep House isn’t new to the music scene. It’s been around since the 80s, when electronic music started to grow in line with the development of music technology. Meduza has that deep house experimental vibe, with its own unique arrangement, that has made them pioneers in the deep house sub-genre of EDM. 

The Steps in Making Deep House like Meduza

There are four main steps in making Meduza-inspired EDM. First, you’ll make your intro, then you’ll have two different parts to the break. We’re calling them Break part 1 and Break part 2. Then step 4 is made up of another two parts, the Pre-Drop and the Drop.

Using this tutorial as a guide, take the following steps to make your own deep house like Meduza (and make sure to have listened to a few reference tracks before you get started). Let’s dive in:

Step 1: Starting the Intro

Set the BPM to 124 then find a vocal. The tutorial uses the vocal from Paradise (don’t forget to ask for permission). Add some synths for the intro, then play it back for a listen.

Step 2: 1st Part of the Break

For Pt.1 of the break, first add the bass and then a simple Meduza synth. Then add some simple drums to get the rhythm going. In this first part of the break, you must also use a Simple Kick + Tom Pattern, then listen to your break drums.

  • Break bass
  • Break Leads
  • Simple Kick
  • Tom Pattern

Now, playback your Pt.1 Break!

Step 3: 2nd Part of the Break

First add a pad, which will add more fullness and harmony to the break. 

Next up, add some plucks. Automate the cutoff throughout the break. Do this to make the transition into the chorus smoother. Lastly, add drums and FX. Then you’ll be done with the break pt. 2.


  • A pad
  • Some plucks
  • Automate cutoff
  • Drums and FX

Step 4: The Pre-Drop and The Drop

The pre-drop has the same synths as the drop, but without the drums and sidechain.

Choose your main vocals. Add a deep bass. Choose how you want them to be, then repeat that section and playback. They will be your Bass Notes. Add two layers to make it fuller, then have a listen to your new main bass. Next it’s time to add the Meduza Leads. These synths really give the Meduza vibe to the track. Finally, add a pad to fill it up, and you can listen to your full pre-drop.

Now, the drop mostly contains the same elements as the pre-drop. Use the Walking Deep Bass, which covers the deep low end.

For the 2nd part of the drop, slice up the vocals a bit to keep the song interesting. Add a reverse kind of synth. After listening to what it sounds like, move on to the drums, which are pretty simple overall.

And there you have it then, the 4 main steps to making music like Meduza. Now you’ll just need to mix and master your track to make sure it’s polished, but the 4 steps above show you the Meduza technique.

Watching Meduza play Deep House live

Do You Need Samples and Presets?

Yes, you do. All the samples and presets used in the tutorial come from the Deep House Sample Pack, Euphoria. It contains 410 samples such as drums, loops, FX and 145 presets designed for Serum. There are also 5 project files for FL Studio/Ableton/Logic Pro. 

The Final Note

Making music like Meduza means you have to respect deep house, but have fun with other genres too. Find that catchy vocal, keep the right tempo in the minor key, and use music production tools to help you. Most importantly, have fun while you’re at it.