How to Make Music Like Jax Jones

Keen to try making EDM like Jax Jones? Well, then, you’re in the right place. Deep House like Jax Jones, courtesy of this tutorial, is the focus of this article. We’re going to go through the Intro, the buildup and the drop of a Jax Jones track to see how he gets his sound. 

How Did Jax Jones Rise to Fame?

It was in 2014 that Jax Jones burst onto the scene by featuring on “I Got U”. He released his own singles after that and today stands as one of EDM’s Deep House giants. He’s an all-rounder with an ear for the vocals as well as the beat. He could even record more vocals if he wanted to. 

The Jax Jones Intro

First set the BPM to 124. Then find a catchy vocal. The tutorial uses the vocal from Jax Jones track, “i miss u”. With that, or something similar, you can create your own intro. 

Since it is a deep house track, the intro will be pretty simple. Start with some drums and ambiance too. Then listen to your intro elements. We’ll also add a Reverb Pluck.

Add reverb and dimension expander to make it ambient. Then listen to your full intro.

Quick Summary

  • Set BPM to 124
  • Find Catchy Vocal
  • Add Drums and Ambiance
  • Add a Reverb Pluck to make intro more ambient

The Buildup Like Jax Jones

Now to make the 2nd part of the break. You see, the 2nd part of the break also serves as the build-up, but it’s very subtle. A simple build-up is common in Deep House tracks like this. At this point, also introduce more drums and ambiance sounds. 

Now listen to the build-up elements. At this point, you can introduce more synths to the track. 


  • a deep bass
  • Break bass
  • a pad

The pad is very simple – one long chord. Now you can listen to your finished build up.

A Quick Summary

  • The 2nd part of the break is also the buildup 
  • Introduce Drums and Ambiance
  • Introduce Synths (deep bass, break bass, one long pad)

The Jax Jones Drop

Now we will make the drop. Choose your drop vocals. First make the main bass, so find a deep bass. Draw a simple bassline that works well with the vocals, then copy and paste it. Combined, they will be the main bassline. Now, add two layers to make the bass sound fuller. Have a quick listen to your main bass. Also add some bass synths, and add a Meduza synth. Then listen to your bass synths. Next up, add a punchy sub-bass and add a pad. You will have a pad to use in a later part of the drop, which will add a lot of warmth and fullness to the drop. Next, add some reverb leads to go with the pads. At this point, your drop synths will be done. 

Now, it’s time to make the drums. First add a kick and a low pec rhythm. After 4 bars, introduce claps. For the 2nd part of the drop, add stuff like cymbals and ambiance. Then, for the final part of the drop, add even more drums and FX.

A Quick Summary

  • Choose drop vocals
  • Make main bass – add 2 layers
  • Add bass synths, a Meduza synth, and a punchy sub-bass
  • Add a pad for fullness
  • Add reverb leads to go with pads
  • Make the drums with kick and low pec. 
  • Add claps after 4 bars
  • Add cymbals and ambiance
  • Add more drums and FX for final part of the drop

At this point you should have got the Jax Jones sound down. Next up, mixing and mastering to perfection. When you invest your time in the studio, you should get some good results. You never know, you could have the next Deep House hit on the air waves.

Deep House with Jax Jones

Euphoria for Samples and Presets

All samples and presets from the tutorial are from the Deep House Sample pack. Euphoria has 410 samples, such as drums, loops, and FX. There are also 145 Presets designed for Serum. Also included are 5 project files for FL Studio/Ableton/Logic Pro. Using a set like Euphoria can give you the confidence to really have fun with your creativity. Everything you need for the genre is there for you to play in the studio. 

Tips on Making Deep House like Jax Jones

  1. Use catchy vocals

Jax Jones’s tracks often have an amazing catchy vocal

  1. Use a deep bass

A deep bass is a staple in Deep House, so make sure you use one

  1. Use layering

Jones often layers synths and other elements to create his rich and complex sound

  1. Use sidechain compression

Sidechain creates that pumping effect

  1. Use reverb and delay

Reverb and delay work to create that ethereal and atmospheric sound

The Final Note

Jax Jones is one of the most successful Deep House producers in the world. What makes him great is not just his musical contributions in the form of singles, but his own unique take on Deep House. Learning from Jax Jones is an excellent way to improve your own production skills. Have fun while you’re at it, and you never know, you may be the next topic of a tutorial.