How to Make Emotional Future Bass in FL Studio 20

Fancy learning how to make Emotional Future Bass? Yes? Good, read on. 

Very simply put, an Emotional Future Bass Track looks like this:

IntroAcoustic guitarsvocalsFX
BreakdownGuitar arp. Add padsFXKeys & Drums
Build upChug guitar bassBuild-up drumsFX & LeadsFuture Bass chords
DropKicks, snares, cymbalsFX & Drum loopsMelody with vocal chops
Samples & PresetsFuture Bass Sample PackTimeless for drums, loops, FXTimeless for Presets

You’ll need acoustic instruments, haunting vocals, FX, vocal chops and a lot of other features that combine to make Emotional Future Bass what it is. For more detailed steps than the table above, read on for expert guidance based on a tutorial. This article is divided up into 5 stages and has some general FL Studio 20 tips at the end. 

Stage 1: The Intro of Emotional Future Bass

Set the BPM to 145 and then find a vocal. One of the best ways to add emotion is to use acoustic guitars. For the intro, use:

  • 2 guitars
  • 1 lead
  • 1 chord layer

Listen to the lead guitar in the tutorial to hear the effect. The chord layer will add harmony.


  • Chord guitar
  • Main guitar sound
  • Some vocal ‘Ohhs’  for intro.

Then use the main vocals. Finally, add FX to fill up the intro. Try some simple FX and ambiance. Listen at 2:30 for the tutorials full intro if you’d like an example of the above.

In the next part, you’re going to add some more guitars. In this part of the intro, you’re bringing in movement. Add a Reese bass. Next, add some small drums and FX.

At this point, bring in some simple drums to keep the track interesting.

With that, the final intro sounds good! It’s got a haunting vocal, real guitars, and excellent FX.

Stage 2: The Breakdown of an Emotional Future Bass Track

Switch up the 2 guitars from the intro with a guitar arp. Add some pads to add warmth to the breakdown, and finally some FX. That’s Break Pt. 1’s FX done. For the next part, add some keys, some drums and FX. After Break drums, listen to the Break Pt. 2. 

Stage 3: The Build Up 

First add a chug guitar bass, then some build-up drums and FX.

Add a lot of drums and FX to make the build up sound powerful. Make Build up elements then listen to the full build up sound.

Add some leads as well. They should play the same melody as the vocal chops you’ve made, which makes them sound fuller. 

Drop Leads. Next, add some future bass chords. 

The chords are very important when making Future Bass! When you’re done, move onto the mid bass. Also, don’t forget the sub bass.

Stage 4: Making an Emotional Future Bass Drop

Make the drums first. First, add a kick pattern. Next, add future bass snares. 

  • Snares
  • Kicks and snares
  • Add some cymbals like crashes

Add FX and fills, and you’ll hear the difference, then add drum loops to fill it up.

When that’s done, add a melody for the drop. Now, recreate this melody using vocal chops.

Use 2 layers for the chops. Add a high layer and a low layer. 

Stage 5: Mixing and Mastering Your Track

The final stage is mixing and mastering. When you’re mixing, you’re balancing the levels of all the different elements to your track. You’re looking for a cohesive and well-balanced sound. When you’re mastering, you’re in the final step of the production process, and it gives your track a professional sound.

Very General FL Studio 20 Mixing Tips:

  • Use the mixer to adjust the volume of the track
  • Use EQ to cut unwanted frequencies
  • Use compression to control the dynamics
  • Use panning to spread out your tracks
  • Use Reverb and delay to add depth and space

Very General FL Studio 20 Mastering Tips:

  • Use a mastering equaliser to make small adjustments to the overall frequency
  • Use a mastering compressor to control the overall dynamics
  • Use a mastering limiter to prevent your track from clipping

The Biggest Tip Ever: Use Samples and Presets 

To make an epic emotional future bass track, use a sample and preset pack. All the samples and the presets in the tutorial are from the Future Bass Sample Pack.

With Timeless, for instance, you can create future bass like artists such as Illenium. The pack contains 525 Samples such as Drums, Loops, FX and more. It also contains 150 presets for Serum and 100 presets for Sylenth1. Also included are 4 professional future bass project files for FL Studio. 

The crowds dancing to emotional future bass

Making Emotional Future Bass is not easy, but with tutorials, FL Studio 20, Samples and Presets, and of course this article that you can refer to, it’s not as difficult as it may seem. It’s definitely a rewarding process at the end when you get to listen to your track and share it with the world.